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photo of students scuba diving near coral reef

Study abroad this summer in Tahiti. Dr. Robert Reavis presents an information session 6:00 p.m., Fri. March 1 in LS-327 about the international coral reef ecology and advanced SCUBA diving program in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Dr. Reavis will show slides from eleven previous trips and describe the coursework.

Two courses, BIO149AL (Field Experience, Biology) and PED201SU (Advanced SCUBA Diving), comprise this  international program that includes travel to Tahiti, French Polynesia and a biological research station on the island of Moorea. International travel begins July 4.  

Dr. Reavis began this international program in 1998 and describes Moorea as the “island where Tahitians go for vacation.”

For more information contact Dr. Reavis at 623-845-3277 or robert.reavis@gccaz.edu.