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Explore personal fitness and active lifestyles with a technology twist, social media beyond family photos, electronic gaming and even the fate of our universe in these in-person and online classes at GCC in 2013.

PED101 – High Intensity Interval Training
Use cutting-edge heart rate monitoring to burn 200-600 calories per hour, lose inches and increase lean muscle mass.

EXS123 – Active for Life (online)
This behavioral change class will help you commit to a healthy lifestyle, become more active, lose weight, reduce stress and have more energy.

CIS107 – The Electronic Game Industry
Learn all aspects of the electronic game industry from software engineering and artificial intelligence to publishing channels and the career landscape.

CIS103 – Introduction to Social Media
Social media has proven its power as a communication tool for business, industry, government and the economy. Learn how to create and maintain various social networks for personal, academic, professional and business applications,
 while understanding the related ethics, privacy and security issues.

AST112 – Intro to Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology
Go beyond our solar system to study stars, galaxies, black holes, time travel, faster than light travel, how stars are born and how they die, how our star will die — and the ultimate fate of the universe.

To register for these or other classes, call 623-845-3333, visit www.my.maricopa.edu or go to the Enrollment Center at either GCC campus.