Submitted by Sharon Weltz

Currently a college sophomore studying broadcast journalism, Danage Pearson credits taking Dual Enrollment classes for getting a head start on her college degree program.

“When I heard about Dual Enrollment classes and told my mom about it, she was all for it,” said Pearson. “Basically I just wanted to get ahead.” Three years later, her younger brother is following suit. “My brother is taking Dual Enrollment classes right now!”

The Dual Enrollment program allows high school juniors and seniors to complete up to 24 college credits by the time they graduate. Pearson reflected on what it was like taking college classes in high school. “The classes were not that bad; definitely doable, manageable work.”

Dual Enrollment students receive a college student ID which allows them access to college campus resources such as the library and computer labs. They can also use their college ID to score student discounts offered by local businesses.

“I got tuition assistance to help pay for my classes,” said Pearson. Tuition assistance is available in many circumstances.

High school students may contact their counselor to find out if their school participates in a college Dual Enrollment program.

The Dual Enrollment Program is the result of an agreement between participating high school districts, Glendale Community College and the Maricopa Community College District.

For more information contact Micheile Ujke, GCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator
623.845.4821 or e-mail dualenrollment@gccaz.edu